Translating the manual

Hi all,

I just had a look at the erpnext manual wich is only available in english.
I would like to start translating it into german - so here my questions:
is this already prepared on Github in terms of the directory`s structure?
As it doesnt seem to be … how can we accomplish this?

@spa thanks for your interest!

You can start adding your pages here:


thanks Just forked to Desktop, copied the english manual and started with CRM…
already renamed the folders into german though
so here the question …
will the “next” (as in next page) link generation still work or will I have to stick to
the english tree??

sorry just to make sure



Just add {next}

and it should work like in the english source.

Feel free to add Contributed by [your company name] on each page :smile:


Hi there,

I did a first run of the translation of the complete manual in German. This work is already done but could be improved and adopted.

We will make this translation available for you lateron.
Maybe we could discuss on the basis of that translation?

Best regards,

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@MartinEnder awesome.

Do you want to add your pages to the repo? Maybe @spa can help you review and polish off


we have made a pull request some minutes ago. So you could take over the translation.


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And yes, of course. I would be glad to have some help in reviewing the translation. So @spa is welcome.


brilliant, thank you :smile:

thanks for getting back - thats good news… I´ll be glad to assist then.
I recon we should open a seperat thread for german translations in general just like the Brasilians did.
That could be utilised to join the forces toghether and discuss -
what do you think ??


yes, you can do that. I will be back on Thursday.


thread concerning the german translation can be found there…

this here can be closed as obsolete