Translation - Attributes, Descriptions, Web Item Name, Etc


I’ve been looking everywhere for a solution to translate untranslatable text or variables, either because they’re not labels or strings, or because the {{ _(‘’) }} was forgotten.

So is there any way to translate, even if superficially, for example via Client Script, the following: Attributes, Descriptions, Web Item Name, Etc.

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You can translate it in Translation doctype if a custom name or a new label!

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I’ve been using that for most things, but it doesn’t work for Web Item Descriptions, Web Item Names, Attributes, etc. Even if set them to “Translatable” via Customize. I can’t also translate the navbar items.

Does this has anything to do with the gettext translation in one of the newest frappe updates?

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We will raise the PR for that.


PR merged, the upcoming update will resolve your issue.