Translation contribution


I will be happy to help translating from English to French. I successfully created an account and started to verify some strings but it would be good if there was a way to know the context. In some cases the translation could be really different and totally change the meaning.
Is there a way to check this?


Hi, we have discussed the same with @rushabh_mehta and @anand this week and also pointed out that it is very important to have the context to do a proper translation. I think they are figuring out something right now. It would be great if you could work on the French translation.

@mouuuton @dominik please check for contributing…

@bobzz_zone we know and already have validated/suggested some translations. I just pointed out that it is impossible to do a correct translation without having the context.
The best example is the gender of words (male/female). Sometimes it could even have a complete different meaning or even worst, the contrary.

@mouuuton best to use the neutral gender where possible.

There is no neutral gender in French. To be accurate we have to know the whole sentence, sometimes even the whole paragraph is some words are referring to another part of the text.

@rmehta I agree with @mouuuton that some languages are really tricky and the translation might have to deviate from the English quite significantly based on the context.