Translation EN to PT-PT

How can i download the hole translation.erpnext like a CSV and upload again with all my correct translation?
The upload should consider if i have done any changes in the past or verified … reason why because many PT-PT translations are wrong and if i can only verify or update the ones i have not changed this will take long time to update all … while working with clients i can share the CSV and they can either correct it or tell me where to correct the right spelling…
Another example is the word LEFT translated to PT is correct but should not be the right word on HR for someone desmissed/fired/ … this because the translation picks the wrong translated word for this … i think the replace of the word Left should be Not-Active (Nao-Ativo).

i have also downloaded the last two csv files from translate.erpnext and now correcting the translations but will not be able to push back for your verification …


Thanks for your interest in contribution.

When you have edited the translation, just email it to us on Ideally, we will suggest to you to contribute translation from the portal only, so that others contributions can be maintained as well.

Hi @umair,
I’m already contributing on the site but the problem is when I’m not around the pc or with Internet…
Also If you read my post you will see that the word Left for EN has various meanings depending on the sentence while in PT is different.
What I used to do was copy the sentence and search on the site and translate and this takes time as I quickly search on the csv and correct as much as possible and after submit to you!