Translation for frappe.throw and button labels in JS

Anyone experiencing the same issue wherein you have a custom button in Client side scripting like

cur_frm.add_custom_button(__("Button Label), function()

and frappe.throw message like

frappe.throw(__("This is a throw message"))

and it is not translating even though there is a setup in Translation Doctype.

Am I missing something?

Hi, it wasn’t work from my side also, as I use German I made labels on German.
Also I’ve created custom translations/de.csv and added apps/path_to_file +label_line,Button Label,translation

Hi @NMyshuk ! Thanks for the confirmation. I am also using de. I tried to add the translations in the de.csv too and did not work.

Hi, sorry for disturbing you. But maybe you can help me. I have my own server and sometimes my custom translations stopped working, only after running bench clear-cache they will return. Have you noticed the same problem?

Hi @NMyshuk! Nope, haven’t experience this in our end.

Thank you for your answer.