Translation of Added Strings

hi, i don’t really understand how i can add new words to translation or even how to use the old ones that is already translated in the erpnext…

i have tried to add __(“word”) and __{“word”} but its still not getting translated…

i tried the custom translation under setup but still not working i don’t understand why…

any help would be highly appreciated…


Use _("word") in Python

and __("word") in js (with double underscore)

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Thank you @rmehta

i used {{_(“word”)}} already :smiley:

@rmehta How about if i want to translate the income of link? i mean like the following:
i want to translate the income of {{doc.billing_status}}

i tried {{(“doc.billing_status”)}} and {{(“{{doc.billing_status}}”)}} and {{_({{doc.billing_status}})}}
but its not working it will give me an error or just doc.billing_status

@ramielian try {{ __(doc.billing_status) }}

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@kolate_sambhaji Nicely done as always :smile: thank you