Translation of doctype name for one tenant in multi tenant setup of ERPNext


I have multi tenant setup of erpnext. in which for one tenant I want to change the name of “Item” doctype to “tour”.
I tried to translate the item into tour but it is reflecting in all the tenant.
so is there any work around to achieve this.

thank you

Customize form > select Doctype> Custom Translation.
Reload and check

Thanks for the reply. But it is changing the docType name of other users aswell(That is the main problem).

You may try…

User 1 = en-US
User 2 = en-UK

Add in translation the desired text against specific language and check.

Thanks a ton. @jignesh_shah
It worked…:fu:
as follows
user list >> language >> select EN-GB
translation list >> language (set EN-GB)
select word and translation
for multiple user make the new language
and select based on “en”