Translation of field contents

Dear All,

I would love to et some clarification, whether the following is achievable using the Translations module in Setup:

I have a bilingual (Vietnamese-English) environment and can, of course assign the appropriate interface language to each user. However, I would also like to translates certain key data entries, such as, for instance colours in Variants. I have entered a sample translation into the Translation setup, e.g. “yellow” (English) and “vàng” (Vietnamese).
However, “vàng” does not appear in the data fields contents that has been assigned to users with a Vietnamese interface.
Am I missing something, or is this currently not feasible? Thanks a lot for your kind help.



For now, translation is applicable only for print format, so if you have a print format with colour value as yellow will get translated into vàng.

Thanks, Rohit

Thanks a lot for the clarification!