Translation portal functionality

Hi Team,

  1. I see that in the csv file that there are reference to the DocType (or other files) of a word/sentence. But on the portal there is no reference. It would be beneficial to have it on the portal because it will be easier to see the context of the word/sentence.
  2. The numbers of lines in the csv file is less than the portal. Is it because not all translated? or because on the portal it’s having more that is not yet merged into the csv file?



Thanks for your interest in contributing.

Please make your contribution from the portal only. If you have any suggestions to improve portal, you can create a Github Issue for the same.

We will soon abolish the system of contributing from CSV file, because merging CSV file leads to over-writing contribution from other users via translation portal.

@nabinhait please remove the option of contributing translation from CSV wherever available.

Hello @umair,

Thank you for the response.
My intention is not doing the translation from CSV file (downloaded from the link in portal>help). But rather:

  1. Can (and how) I use the DocType column in the CSV file as reference for the portal’s items?
  2. I was saying that the number of lines in the CSV file is different from the number of lines on the portal. Why?

Thank you

Done submit suggestion on Github.