Translation upload

Hi Experts,
Even I corrected the Arabic translation using the ERPNext translator but the translation not corrected after uploading the translation.

hi dufani1, when you uploaded the translations ?, approximately.

Hi Emad,
The translation uploaded regularly by ERPNext team to ERPNext.

yes, i meant by uploading editing csv files and uploading to the portal, i tought you edited and uploaded the csv files but the changes did not appear after the last update (2017-02-17).

this is from translate portal help page.

  1. When are translations updated?

Translations from this portal are usually updated once every 2-3 weeks.

If would like to do it earlier, just add a new Issue. Or better, download the latest translations, add them yourself and send a pull-request!.

if so then the soluton is to add new issue but wait confirmation from experienced members :slight_smile:

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Thanks Emad, I made the changes more than 3 weeks