Translations portal - enhancement proposal

I am grateful that you provided translation tool for comunity.

This tool is very useful for translations with 1:1 relation.
But in reality the good translation task is 1:N relation.

I mean, that for example ‘Delivery note’ is mentioned in many others strings like ‘Please pull items from Delivery Note’. So in every occurrence the translation should be the same. (This is also important for general terms like ‘submit, parent, serie, set’, which has lot of possible synonyms.

Currently the only comfortably way (correct me pls if i am wrong), how to do it is directly in *.csv file, which means commit the changes via git. This can be complicated for newbee users, which are able to help with translation.

Enhancement proposal - nice to have
Please consider to add search function (for language domain) to translations portal.

With this, the users may comfortably check the translations in relation 1:N
I hope this can improve the quality of translation.

Note: as you can notice english is not my mother language, please don’t hesitate to contact me for correction, if needed. I am working on it …

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for me the best way is to have a translation “module” integrate to erp, so user can download defaut translation from official ERNext or update like he want and see the result live.
because in same language many meaning can be used and user can costumise like he want.

Translation module in erp
From my point of view, module in erp is more for local translation, this strings are used only localy for one instaled system. And any production installation may have some customized fields etc, so the translated file will be not same as the file obtained after clean installation. Anyway localy the user can edit csv file and check the results. (not sure if you can do the same on cloud - file access?)

The translation portal
I gues there is some mechanics how the results are merged to the core translated files …
Will be nice if this mechanics will be explained …

@jagular Thanks for the great suggestions. Please add them to

Translator needs an overhaul - We will get onto it as soon as v5 gets completed.

Currently the translations are updated every 2-3 weeks - manually.

Thank you for the clarification of the mechanic of ḿerging changes from translator portal …