Translations workflow, bosnian translation

Hello ERPNext community,

First, congratulations for the great job you have done till now.
As far as I know, there are many ERP projects declared as opensource, but very few of them are really open.
Vast majority ERP providers treats opensource primarily as marketing force, but not as development force.

From what I saw ERPNext doing opensource the right way:

  • It publishes all features transparent and opensource
  • Every aspect of development is tracked through forums, manuals and web site.

I hope that you are going to countinue your great work on this principles.

After this regression, I am finally going talk subject of this post :smile:.

I am investigating ERPNext for usage on local market (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
First obstacle is the translation which is unusable (automated Google translation). It does not follow the context, so I first reverted all of the translations to the English.

After that I am translating only items of current interest - in the specific context. The steps are:

  1. I am working with live application (vagrant environment)

  2. When I want someting to change, switch to open LibreOffice document bs.ods,
    Find what I want / Change / Save as ods / then Save as CSV 3).
    In ods I use bold face for translated items (something as Verified), different colors for English and Bosnian.

  3. After Change I publish changes to git repository

Example erpnext (the same done with frappe):

  1. Review changes immediatelly

    bench update
    bench start

This cycle for small batch of changes lasts 5-10 minutes, and most important, the translation is HIGH QUALITY - it respects context of translation.

I have tried to use translate erpnext com, but I think this translation workflow has many advantages.
I think it is usable only for minor translation efforts.
Very often “Original” and “translated” fields are not enough for proper translation. We need context of translation (eg. component, module)

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@hernad Thanks for your kind words and welcome to the forum.

Staying fully open source is a tough path! Right now we are putting in most of the effort to take the product forward, but we hope that users who see value also chip in at some point. Right now we are pretty focussed on staying on course :smile:

Regarding translations. Since this is still early days, your workflow is okay. But we will need to move to a collaborative model at some point.

@hernad Thanks for explaining your workflow. I’m about to start improving the translations for another language and you have provided a good example of a workflow. This way I don’t have to waste time figuring out how to do it :smile: