Transportation invoice

dear ,

anyone can help me with how to handle shipping invoice received from transport company for import/export shipments.

Can you be a little more specific in how you would like to be helped?

You can start by telling us what outcome you would like to achieve.


I need o know proper accounting entry for shipping invoice received from the shipping company.

Like they send a single invoice for all shipments of the month, Now I need to make payment to them.

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For my experience, i have 2 way of handling shipping fee on export/import process.

  1. one way is to add the shipment fee and other fee’s in the process inside the C.O.G.S and start adding them using the Landed cost voucher…

The idea in detail are:

    1. Make LCV then add your Shipment invoice of lets say 1500 USD inside the LCV. the LCV will debit the amount of    
    the fee into the "product" and credit the amount in the "expense included in valuation" 

    2. Make "service product" lets say "shipment cost", set default cost as "expense included in valuation" and create a 
        new purchase invoice with the amount billed from the shipping company that would create a journal of  "account 
       receivable " debit and "expense included in valuation" credit. 

This way will make the expenses cost inside your cost of goods sold amount. thus the valuation rate for the item are : buying price + shipment cost+other fee : cost of goods sold ready to sell.

  1. Expense your cost

Expense your cost will be as simple to make a purchase invoice, select “shipping cost” as service item but set the default cost in “shipping cost item” as Freight cost.

That way the shipment cost will go to your P/L statement but on the expense side of the Statement.

We use this 2 approach to cost our shipment cost.



Yep, that is how I would handle it.

that is OK i am dong this way:

Adding cost of shipment under taxes of purchase invoice or through landed cost voucher.

And simply making purchase invoice for shipments and paying to shipping company. Butt before our courier company used to send invoice for each shipment separately, but new company send us monthly invoice for all shipments.

but simply making one purchase invoice for all shipments, that is my actually question if there is some better way to keep track of shipments for auditing.

You can easily customize the purchase invoice to include a table that links to the purchase receipt to show which shipments are being paid for.


could you show me for that how to do

Here are the high level steps just to give you an idea:

  1. Create a custom doctype (child-table)- call it Purchase Invoice Shipments - see here

  2. Link the purchase receipt information to new custom doctype.

  3. Add custom field called table and link to the new custom doctype.

  4. You can enter the purchase receipt numbers like you enter purchase invoice items.


Will appreciate if you can clarify further step 2 - how to link the purchase receipt info to the new custom doctype…

Instead of Purchase receipt numbers mentioned above - I want to test use a delivery note number as an “Item” in a Transporter Purchase Invoice. is that possible? Do we need to create a new custom doctype?