Travel Agency Domain

Hi community

I am welling to start travel domain in ERPNEXT anyone already doing this or interested in.


Can you elaborate more? I am planning to work on a bus management system, trip management, tickets, etc. I don’t know if that’s what you mean by travel

in general travel agencies work with TO (Tour Operators) as Client and Hotels/Golf/Amadeus as suppliers - for exemple and they sell their products to TO with a commission based on Contracts already signed with the two ( selling and buying)
so what needs most is contract selling and buying doctypes with flexibility in settings rate conditions based on season in the year.

after the contracts done the agent when they get a request from a TO they create a folder (with a unique number) contains all the possible services (Hotel, flight, …) can contain for a giving client and rates get fitched from the contracts.

NB: api connection with GDS (like amadeus, sabre, …)
i am working on a detailed workflow right now.

any one :slight_smile:

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@inews if he’s still active may be interested in collaborating with you to extend ERPNext to the Travel Agency business.

Please check out our discussions on Discuss: ERPNext for Travel agency business



Thank you @JayRam

@RWEMA_Aimable bus management is part of travel agency business can you share what you done already.