Treasury for each employee

can i make a daily treasury for each employee
every employee know how much he sells daily

you can create a report to show daily selling for each employee , or charts to show statistics , or both .

Thank you for your reply but How …

open report list . you have to create a new report (the best type for your request would be script ), but script reports are written in python in the server side . (you should get a developer if you are not one ) .
anyways you can test the “monthly attendance sheet” report inside the report list, it’s very similar to your case , it’s code is written inside (erpnext/HR/report/monthly_attendance_sheet)
this is a screenshot of the monthly attendance sheet , your idea is great and it sould be a standard sheet for the next releases.

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Create sales person and add the corresponding employee. You can select the sales person in sales invoice and there are sales person reports to show the transaction details. You can use user permission also if you want to restrict the sales people from seeing others transactions

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there re reports in ERPNext

Sales Person-wise Transaction Summary

Sales Person Target Variance Based On Item Group

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