Treatment of Return at PoS

Hello all

First of all congrats on version 10, looking good so far.

Unfortunately there is a feature that I have somehow managed to avoid so far, but as at today it is now a brick wall.

This has to do with treatment of returns by customers at Point of Sale.

Customer returns an item previously purchased, at this point he should have three options

  1. Pick an item of higher value and pay the difference
  2. Pick an item of lower value and keep the difference in his store account (like a credit note)
  3. Pick an item of lower value and receive the difference in cash (rarely done)
  4. Not pick anything in return and keep the full value in his store account (like a credit note)
  5. Not pick anything in return and receive the full value in cash (rarely done)

If the customer received credit in return as stated in 2 and 4 above, the customer expects to be able to use this credit for future purchases.

Is their someone with a procedure to handle the above 5 scenarios? Would appreciate any feedback on how this can be done.


To add to this, the way the payment refund is given (check, cash, credit, etc) could be configurable or have the cashier have the option to select.

Normally when there is a return you can do the following:

  1. Find the original transaction
  2. Hit “Return/Exchange”
  3. Select the item(s) in the original transaction that are to be returned/exchanged
  4. Find items to be exchanged
  5. Present cashier with negative, equal or difference value when the new item is selected.
  6. Select payment method (or refund method)