Trial Balance - Different Currency

If anyone can help me or tell me the problem I have or a bug in the program itself.
Now in the trial balance, when I want to see the report, for example, in a different currency other than the Egyptian, so dollar or euro, it shows the same value as the Egyptian currency , but it change the symbol of the currency from EGP to $ and the value is the same.
Is there a solution to this problem?


Please take the trial balance as on today, instead of 31-12-2023.

System doesn’t have the exchange rate for 31-12-2023, so it multiply with 1 and you get the same value.

Also, note that report in different currency is based on the exchange rate of last date you entered in your filter and not based on historical daily exchange rate.


Divyesh Mangroliya

Okay thanks, look this
the opening balance in first pic is right when i filter it by euro
but in second pic the opening balance is different value not the same value in euro in first pic
solution for this plz or discuss