Trial Balance-Equity


I have a problem is when we add the budget in the opening entries by journal entry, the equity is entered creditor but in the trial balance showing in debtor.

How can i fixed this issue?

Hi. We are also facing the same issue. We tried to upload the opening balances through journal entry. In the version 10, the equity is coming in the credit column of opening balance in trial balance report. But it is coming as negative amount in debit column in version 11.

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Is there anyone responding?

Same problem observed

I also have the same problem. When I created my opening journal entry I entered my retained income as a positive value in the credit column but when I make a trial balance it shows up as a negative value in the debit column.

This issue cannot be general, if it is general it is a definite candidate for a hot fix.

Trial balance in an ERP solution CANNOT be this out of wack.

What could we be missing?

Hi ,

Any resolution to this yet?

Equity is Shareholder fund or owners money in the business. So from the point of view of business, it is in the nature of loan (to be paid back to owners). Hence it will always be in the Credit.

If any report shows Dr & Cr balances together in single column, it will show Dr balances in +ve and Cr balances in -ve.

From your comment, i feel what erpnext is doing is fine and no problem there.


I’m surprised to note Equity shown in the Debit column, why is that?

Did you adjust retained earning (past loss) in the equity balance and hence it has changed the nature of the account.


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Hello Liyakat, thank you for your reply

we’re wondering even why it is in the debit column!! and we didn’t change anything in the equity balance… it was a normal opening entries… and the results as @Ismael.Yahya shown in his post…

your help and support is appreciated

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