Trial balance for party report with party currency not company currency

I have customers and suppliers with foreign currency, I need a report to show balance for parties with its currencies.

that’s a very important report to follow payments.

thanks in advance

Can you use General Ledger Report?
Here is how it reflects:

Possible from v13

PR: fix(Accounts): Add Currency filter in Trial Balance report by abhishekbalam · Pull Request #23465 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

that’s great news :grinning:,

but Trial Balance for Party , Customer Ledger Summary and Supplier Ledger Summary still not support party currency.

Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement are not using the exact currency exchange rate of the transaction but the currency exchange rate of the date when you run the report. It will distort the amounts, e.g. if you have invoiced customer USD100 @70Rs and the todays rate is 75Rs then the same amount will be calculated as USD93.33

Made two reports out of existing reports as it was not multi-currency compliant. Could be improved though.