Trial Balance Order not correct

How can i fix this as you can see on the two images the order is not correct and when i click on Account to sort it make the TOTAL as the first and the rest on the second row …while the rest is in the correct order.

Here the second


Can you please create Github Issue for it? In the sorting of tree structured master, it should give priority to Parent of an Account, and then alphabetical order.

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Was this issue corrected on v7 or v8?

Hi @umair,

I faced the same in balance sheet and profit and loss statement as well and I had added to the issue.

Should sort by Root Type, followed by Group, followed by Account Name.


Sames issue on current version not solved.
Already updated the on GIT.

Hi all,
I see that this issue is still now on V10… Specially if you have not yet filled the account_code.