Trial balance total

in trial balance the total get calculated different method not the real total of rows in report ?
this cause confusion.
and why it get calculated in different way not the sum of columns data ?

i think this is the case
212. # Prepare opening closing for group account
213. if parent_children_map.get(d.account):
214. prepare_opening_closing(d)
erpnext/ at 9e5aa282ec5369fe134bdb9df3771274196ed372 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub ,

the account already got prepare_opening_closing() in function calculate_values() ?

The reason the total on Excel summation and ERPNext total row does not match is
ERPNext does not export the Uncollapsed Accounts, make sure you collapse all the accounts manually before exporting the data to excel/csv

Hope this helps :slight_smile: