Trial for ERPNext hosted - how to hide some stuff


I managed to hide the other modules. But my question is that the ‘Domains’ section, I cannot hide, I chose Retail during the setup, but I want to hide it, but I can’t see any options.

Also, I want to hide the ‘Upgrade’ button beside the avatar for other users.

By the way, do you have a suggestion for the ideal settings? Like our scenario is that I have a client who has business. They supply medicines to pharmacies. I want to offer ERPNext to them. So me as a developer or the one who will set it up, what should be my roles after I hand it to them? And what should be the appropriate roles to set for my clients?

I’ll be not showing all modules coz they wont be needing all the modules. Only Stock, Buying, Selling, Accounting, CRM, and Payroll are the ones they need.

Thank you.