Tried to Create salary slip not working with more than 30 employees


I tried to create salary slips from payroll for 110 employees and it doesn’t work.

Create salary slip not working with more than 30 employees.

Can anyone help please

As far as I know there are no restrictions

What error are you getting ?

Getting no error. system allow to submit the payroll entry but create salary slip not working.

I summited 133 eployees payroll but no salary slip created

When i summited for 28 employees its working.

Could you check if default holiday list is submitted for all new employees ?

Yes i tried both way with & without submitted but it’s not working

Could you check if you are able to create salary manually for employee 31 in the list ( from your first list where you said only salary slips for first 30 employees were created)- this will help you rule out if there is anything specifically wrong/missing from that employee record which preventing the salary slip creation.

I am not saying that salary slips for first 30 but If 30 employees in the payroll list than its working if 30 above its not working. Please check screenshot.

which version of ERPnext and Frappe are you using ?

ERPNext: v13.17.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.17.1 (version-13)

Could you update ERPnext and Frappe as there were few fixes to the payroll after Jan 4 and check ?

Yes I see your point. The reason I am asking to try it out individually is because I had a similar issue during a previous month. I was unable to generate salary slip after line number (employee) 16 or so. It turns out there was a missing information (default holiday list not set) related to the next employee (line 17). It looks like the system gives up on creating salary slip once it encounters this.

I delete all Salary Structure Assignment & salary Structure and create new & re assigned salary structure to employees now its working.