Trigger Before Save Hook even when no change in document

Hi Everyone,
I am from V12 and trying V13.
In my V12 apps i often implement some logic (remote data fetching, update …) within the before_save controller hook. In V13 i see that this hook is not trigger if the doc did not change. Is there a way to disable this behaviour ?
What is the best practice in V13 to perform some logic after saving even when no change occurs ?


Someone to help please

Not out of the box, but it should be possible with a bit of coding. As I understand it, the change is all client side, so it should be fixable there.

The cur_frm variable has a method called dirty(), which if run should force a save even if no changes are made. You could use a custom script to catch the before_save event and then mark the form as dirty there. I’m on my phone right now and unable to test, but it should work.

Hi, You’r right below is the corresponding function

	var save = function () {

		if ((action !== 'Save' || frm.is_dirty()) && check_mandatory()) {
				method: "",
				args: { doc: frm.doc, action: action },
				callback: function (r) {
					$(document).trigger("save", [frm.doc]);
				error: function (r) {
				btn: btn,
				freeze_message: freeze_message
		} else {
			!frm.is_dirty() && frappe.show_alert({message: __("No changes in document"), indicator: "orange"});
			$(btn).prop("disabled", false);

The fact that frappe added this code in V13 (for performance optimisation i suppose) means that this is not a good practice to put some logic that do not depend on doc data within the hooks triggered when document is saved. My main question is: So what is the best practice. Let say i want to fetch some information that is in an other document when i save a document. Before, i was putting this fetching method within before_save hook but now how to do this ? What is the best way to do that in V13

It’s hard to say what the best practice is without knowing the semantics of your workflow. What should trigger a remote update? Save seems like a less than ideal place to put remote updates, since it requires your user to know to hit save even though they haven’t changed anything.

Another option would be to create a standalone button to trigger the update, labeled appropriately.