Trigger DELETE request by Webhook

Hello everyone.

I am trying to delete a large number of child table rows in the customer doctype, I want to do this without having to write any code. I’ve tried to use REST API and webhooks to delete the child table rows.

First, I created a new doctype “Deleted DocTypes”, this doctype has two fields, “Doctype” for the name of the doctype to be deleted, and “Docname” which is the ID of the document.

My intention is to use Bulk delete’s creation as the trigger for my webhook.

The general flow is Custom Doctype Creation → Webhook deletes Name of Document on the receiver site

In this webhook, I will pass the doctype and name of the document I want to delete.

My challenge is that from the documentation I can see Webhooks only create POST requests by default, is there a way for me to call a DELETE request using webhooks??

More importantly, is there a way for me to bulk delete child table values or doctypes directly?