Trigger link field in child form


I’m trying to get the item code field in a child table to trigger the fetches when I change the value through JS. The use case is showing a table of equivalent items with pricing with radio buttons. The button changes the value in the “item code” link field, but does not trigger any events and I can’t figure out what to call to refresh that field. Here’s where I am:

frappe.ui.form.on('Sales Order Item', 'item_code', function(frm, cdt, cdn){
  var modal = locals[cdt][cdn]
  var items ={
    method: "erpnext_controllers.erpnext_controllers.equivalent_sales_items.get_item_details",
    args: {
      "item_code": modal.item_code,
      "customer": frm.doc.customer
    callback: function(r){
        frappe.render_template("equivalent_sales_items", {"items": r.message}))
        cur_frm.cur_grid.doc.item_code =;
        // works the same with modal.item_code =
        cur_frm.trigger_link_fields(); // no change