Trigger print on two different networked printers


I would like to implement a custom button on a Sales Order page that when clicked would trigger a print. However, with our current Print Format we have several pages that need to go to several departments. Would it be possible to have different pages be printed to different network printers? For example, pages 1-2 from the print format to printer 1 and page 3 to printer 2, but only with the one click on the button (with or without confirmation)?

I just wanted to check here if it is at all possible before I go on a wild goose chase :slight_smile:

I want to limit the amount of clicks a user would need to do to get this result.


When you click on the print button, you get a dialogue box where you can choose “Printer” and “Pages”

If you are looking for something different than this, you would have to develop something custom

Thank you for your response!

Yeah I know, but what I wanted to do is limit the amount of clicks for a user since the printing options are always the same 2 printers with the same amount of pages sent to them. So I was wondering if there was a way to call a networked printer from inside a custom script or such?