Trigger site reload on end hosts

On a production instance that is in use by many users, after I made a small change on a custom script, How do I make sure that all the users get this change? I am looking for a way to refresh the the end hosts web-site without manually instructing them to do so or bringing the site down!

P.S: ‘bench restart’ doesn’t refresh the end hosts and timing out the session of users won’t help either cause It will simply ask for the password and then work normally without any sort of reload.


bench --site sitename migrate

Thanks for the solution. When the Users are asked with the popup to Refresh, they have the option to decline the Refresh by clicking on the outside area of the popup, Is there any way to force the Refresh on Users’ browser without any way to decline the request?

I think the next time this user login to the site, it has been refreshed.