Trouble generating Custom desk page with sidebar and mainbody

Created a new custom page for my custom module list on my custom app and was able to generate the sidebar which contains a lists of doctypes which for my case act as modules.
Can anyone help me generate the main page content
Thanks in advance

here’s my code generating the page

frappe.pages['menu-mpya'].on_page_load = function(wrapper) {
	var page = frappe.ui.make_app_page({
		parent: wrapper,
		title: 'Menu Mpya',
		single_column: false

	frappe.breadcrumbs.add("Frappe Light") 

	frappe.modules_page = page;

	let get_sidebar_html = () => {
		var sidebar_items = [];
		var sidebar_items_html = '';{
	        method: '',
	        async: false,
	        args: {
	        	doctype:"Menu Items",     
	            fields: [ "item_label","item_type", "item_link"],
	            parent: ["Custom Menu"],

	      	callback: function(menu_items) {
		      	sidebar_items = menu_items.message;
		        //var a=r.message[0]

	        	sidebar_items.forEach(function(item, index){
					var item_html = `<li class="strong module-sidebar-item">
						<a class="module-link" data-name="${item.item_link}" href="#List/${item.item_link}/">
							<i class="fa fa-chevron-right pull-right" style="display: none;"></i>
					sidebar_items_html += item_html;
				page.sidebar.html(`<ul class="module-sidebar-nav overlay-sidebar nav nav-pills nav-stacked">
					<li class="divider"></li>

	// render sidebar

	// render main


frappe.pages['menu-mpya'].on_page_show = function(wrapper) {
	$("body").attr("data-sidebar", 1);

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Solved using to get my main page data and wrapper to append to the main layout section.{
		method: "",
		callback: function(data) {
      		const chart_data = data.message;
			var invoice_var ;
			var invoice_value;
			var po_var;
			var po_value;
			var quot_var;
			var quot_value;
			var po_var_yearly;
			var po_value_yearly;
			chart_data.forEach(function(item, index){
				if (item.total_count_weekly) {
					invoice_var = item.total_count_weekly;
					invoice_value = item.total_value_weekly;
			wrapper = $(wrapper).find('.layout-main-section');
					<table class="form-grid" width="100%">