Trouble with User Permission Manager

Hey guys…
Im having multiple branch - multi warehouse setup, and i cant get the User Permission working.
Read on the forums, following Territory-Warehouse setup now - @revant_one post : Link

Referred the User Permission Here : User Permissions

What I did :
- Created Warehouses A, B, C
- Created new User, Accounts Role.
- Opened User Permission Manager; user1 → Warehouse DocType → Warehouse A
- Role Permission Manager → Accounts Role for Warehouse → Checked Apply User Permission
- Role Permission Manager → Accounts Role for Sales Invoice → Checked Apply User Permission

- Opened Show Allowed Documents for the User and saw none
- Logged in as user1, checked the Warehouse Tree -- Everything is visible
- Opened Sales Invoice, Checked Update Stock, Expanded Sales Invoice Item -
    - Initially Warehouse A is selected by Default
    - Cleared the field and on trying to check for other warehouses, the dropdown popup is empty,
      just Create new warehouse and Advanced Search

Tried fresh reinstall
- deleted the site (deleted the site folder from /bench/sites/site1) and dropped the related database
- deleted the erpnext app from /bench/apps
- bench get-app erpnext
- Installed on the site
- Tried the above

Well what to do :-/, I should be missing something
Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Can you please share what permission/restrictions you want along with the screenshot of the current User Permissions.

Well, I did a clean install of the system, added a new user with just Sales User role and followed this link :

I did only the first part, limiting Company to the user
None of the companies are shown to the user, when i follow the documentation

This is the part where its different, the restrictions are too much for the document in mine :
my company list - imgur
github doc company list

Thank you very much :slight_smile: