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Hello Community,

At Frappe, for the past year, we have been working on a project very imaginatively named Frappe Cloud.

Frappe Cloud takes all the hassle of buying and setting up servers for hosting so that you can focus on your business.

Frappe Cloud Dashboard Preview

Please visit our website, get started with your own managed Frappe/ERPNext instance. We are also offering $25 in free credits.

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I have been using Frappe Cloud from last 3 months. Really amazing work. It takes few minutes to host Frappe Apps. I would recommend to all.


It looks great. One thing that is stopping me from switching is the lack of information about pricing. I am currently paying 30€ per month for 6GB RAM, 80 GB SSD, and 4 core CPU, and its hosted in my country. I like the idea of frappe cloud managing my site, but I don’t know how much CPU time am I currently using and if the switch would be reasonable. If I knew that I could make my decision.


I really recommend it to everyone, really cool

and i think, we will use our Bench soon


I used it for 1 full day, doing all kinds of setup, tests, data imports etc.

My intensive usage was :
1 user =400 seconds /per day consumption
Total available seconds = 3600 seconds (1 hour)

So give or take, 1 Hour CPU time would support 10 users on a daily usage.
So for USD 30 per plan, you could support 30 users for a month.

Roughly my generalization.
Your mileage might vary.


Thanks, this clears it a lot.

We are testing Frappe Cloud since about two weeks and I also like it generally in terms of ease of installation etc. The billing is a bit unintuitive but I actually like the flexible CPU depending billing. Unfortunately, the version that is hosted is not the most up-to-date. I can also not manually update it to the e.g. v13 from v13 beta… What is the rationale of not deploying the latest version and what are generally the update cycles on Frappe Cloud?


My understanding is that the update should be up-to the subscriber. Some might not want to go to v13 and stay on v12 because their clients are not ready for upgrade or whatever. It is not SaaS. It is more PaaS. Now you can upgrade to v13 manually, if you want.

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@bluesky We have deployed Version 13 production releases today on Frappe Cloud. You can update your existing site with the Update button. Usually, we deploy releases with 48 hours of release.

We have stopped automatic updates for this release. The policy was to perform automatic updates in off-hours (1 AM to 4 AM) for every site and roll back in case of failures. But we’ve observed cases where bugs introduced in newer releases have made sites virtually unusable.

Going forward, we’ll be following a tighter deploy schedule (updates will be available to those who want it), and a relaxed update schedule (sites will be allowed to not automatically update for longer durations, say, till the next release).

@Not_a_countant This is related to minor or patch updates. We don’t push users for major version upgrades.


Have started using Frappe Cloud. Would be great to see where our server is located. IP address lookup shows that Frappe Cloud is hosted by Digital Ocean — is that correct?

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We’re currently serving from two data centers

  • DigitalOcean - Bangalore, India
  • Scaleway - Paris, France

Is there a full list of locations?

If you make a new instance on you get the following options for data centres:


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