Trying to add Account filter in Trial Balance Report


I am trying to add Account multiselect filter in trial balance. I added filter in js file.

				"label": __("Account"),
				"fieldtype": "MultiSelectList",
				"options": "Account",
				get_data: function(txt) {
					return frappe.db.get_link_options('Account', txt, {
						company: frappe.query_report.get_filter_value("company")

And added filter code to file

if filters.account:
		lft, rgt = frappe.db.get_value("Account", filters.account, ["lft", "rgt"])
		additional_conditions += """ and account in (select name from `tabAccount`
			where lft >= %s and rgt <= %s)""" % (

gives me an error after selecting account “TypeError: expected string or bytes-like object”

How to solve this error and effect this filter in the report?