Trying to call a whitelisted method

I’ve whitelisted a method in anapp installed within ERPNext. I am having a hard time determing what the dotted path to the method should be. The physical path to the file is frappe-bench/apps/am_mws/am_mws/am_mws/doctype/mws_integration_settings/
When called from Postman, i get varous “not found” errors, based on what permutation of the dotted path I am trying.


If you’re calling from Postman then it’d be

Replace function_name with the name of the function and Bob’s your uncle.


Hi @Mike_Z,

Frappe / ERPNext API on the Postman Public API Network

Another reference: Postman

Thank You!


Thank you! So it’s really the full path, from the apps/appname/ directory. Got it

Correct. It’s basically app_name.directory1.directory2.file_name.function_name

With as many directories as it takes to get to your python file, of course.