Trying to filter suppliers by using tags

Hello all!

Erpnext is developing perfect.
We all love the progress.

With respect to all the great modules, i guess there is a problem with the tags.
Or i am missing something.

Under Tag Category, i have defined some tags to filter out my suppliers.
My idea is to filter out suppliers by quick typing their category.

But when i try to use this filter under Supplier DocType, all i see is numbers instead of the tags which i have defined.


Can someone please check if this is a system error or if i did something wrong?

For information, if i click the first number (d435…) , i can filter out the first tag (anodizing in this example)


have you tried making “tag_name” field of “Tag” form the title field?

Do you mean defining “tag_name” instead of “tag” in the Options section?
If so, it does not work…

Thanks @knot
I am not very familiar about how this works.

Anyway, i couldn’t get rid of the “ID” but at least i can see the tag names…
Do you have any suggestions?


can you make the “tag_name” field mandatory and try it again? I guess that is the problem.

No luck, still the same.