Trying to install the pre-installed .ova file without success. Please Help

Hi, I’m new to ubuntu and I’m trying to install erpnext locally using virtualbox from Oracle.

I downloaded the (.ova ) file of Erpnext and imported it into the virtualbox then started the virtual image inside the virtualbox. I entered the login information :

username: frappe

password: frappe and updated with this :
cd frappe-bench bench update

I expected it would normally boot after that and access the erpnext with localhost:8080 but in fact nothing happen, it doesn’t boot to linux and this line is the last one I see:
frappe@erpnext:/frappe-bench $

I tried frappe start but it didn’t work
What did I do wrong?Is The documentation not complete?

Did I need to install stuff separetely like python or mariadb?

Thanks in advance guys, please help

Hi, what VM did you download? The instructions for using it are written in it.

If you have downloaded production VM file then after booting OS, you will able to access http://localhost:8080 port without issue as nginx, mariadb, etc. all is already installed and default site site1.local / erpnext.vm is also installed for you with ERPNext app.

If you have downloaded VM image made for development use then you will have manually run bench start on CLI to start web services.

Either you have missed something from instructions or you have firewall issue with your virtualbox and host machine.

Your VM is already booted. You need to access the webpage from your HOST OS. I think you misunderstood and are attempting to get a GUI in theVM.