Trying to setup custom erpnext with kubernetes

hi every one,

we are interested to setup a custom erpnext with kubernetes, we are using the github actions to create the docker images, it’s our first time so far, we used the same setting with some modification, the the build process stopped in the stage (Push Frappe) and through authorization error, we don’t know what is this referring to.

#67 [auth] frappe/frappe-worker:pull,push token for
#67 DONE 0.0s

#29 [frappe-socketio-stable] exporting to image
#29 exporting layers done
#29 exporting manifest sha256:31c8a3492e9540faebf75d01733f9e4bf752bacbb09842541c9ac1308c50badb done
#29 exporting config sha256:c4b266c8fa20c450534e3ec3721dcaa157924b0ebb2a6a1439c9a268e204a175 done
#29 pushing layers 0.1s done
#29 exporting manifest sha256:103c98734300d32ae6f57d10fa02a3245fdfb41e9674b1e54a97ae581ce17634 done
#29 exporting config sha256:6ebb2df769cb9233ae33e78e05faf4cd1df8284925da524688b3eb3c0ef042ea done
#29 exporting manifest sha256:407db6bb62aea56db09924db9568735b0dcfd9dd1877c4917675b89c375d0f59 done
#29 exporting config sha256:bea3efc12022736820ffe64c4352ec99fadb4d2608ef09e0cd3e38411837c2ca done
#29 ERROR: failed to authorize: Unavailable: error reading from server: EOF

#68 [auth] frappe/frappe-socketio:pull,push token for
#68 DONE 0.0s

#69 [auth] frappe/frappe-nginx:pull,push token for
#69 DONE 0.0s
 > [frappe-socketio-stable] exporting to image:
error: failed to solve: server message: insufficient_scope: authorization failed
Error: buildx bake failed with: error: failed to solve: server message: insufficient_scope: authorization failed

any help in this regards is appreciated,

and if we can ask, can we include custom community apps like Awesome POS, any guidance in this regards is appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.

I’ve. been trying around to solve this, with no success.

any contribution to this regards is highly appreciated.

Hello @Nader_Alabed, this is caused because the GitHub Actions are failing to Authenticate Docker hub or any other container registry platform you are trying to publish the platform to.
Some solutions you could look into is first to make sure the repository you are trying to push to on the docker hub register exists and matches the name you provided in your Github Work flow.

Good luck!