[TURKEY] E-Invoice Sending App

Hi all,
We’ve developed an application to send e-invoices within the ERPNext.

Sources: GitHub - logedosoft/ERPNext-Turkish-Delight: E-Fatura ve diğer kolaylaştırıcı çözümler...

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E-Fatura gönderimlerinizi bulut tabanlı ERPNext ile bedava yapabilirsiniz.


This is very good
It will enhance the chances of its use by companies in Turkey
I would love to participate.

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Sure, we are also looking for HR module customizations for Turkey region. If anyone did anything with respect to HR in Turkey we would love to listen.

I have not made special customizations for Turkey in HR Module but I can do that if you have a plan for what to do.

Hi, will e-invoice receiving and e-irsaliye feature come?
Thank You. :blush:

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E-Receipt (Aka e-irsaliye) is already developed. It is in the same repo.

For receiving part we need more clients.

Hi everyone, do you know if they also use facture-X as seen here

Sorry? Who uses what?

Hi @TurkerTunali

…if the turkish e-invoicing uses the factur-x libraries.


I don’t think so.

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I am working on customizing this for e-invoicing for Croatia/Albania, as they use the identical focalization solution.

Do you have any idea if this has been developed by anyone?


Hi there,

I am the main developer. Do you have any specific request?

What is Albania e-invoice requirements look like?