Turkish accounting system

I’m working for a company in Turkey that wants to implement an ERP system.

Is ERPNext system according to turkish accounting system?

Hi Sonat,

ERPNext is a fully modifiable ERP System. You can adapt it to your needs.
Are there any special things in turkish accounting system you want to implement?


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Hi Daniel,

Is the system according to “Uniform Chart of Accounts” in the Turkish Accounting System?


Hi Sonat,

please check here:


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ERPNext is very much customisable and configurable framework. Recently we are done with study of Singapore accounting formats/system. We are planning to modify ERPNext considering Singapore accounting structure. So it is very much feasible in ERPNext.

So according to me ERPNext can be used for Turkish accounting system after some modifications.

Can you provide some details, how it is different from standard accounting system? One thing, chart of accounts can be different, but other than that, is there any difference in terms of flow?

Hi Nabin,
According to me there is no(major) change in flow. Major changes are in chart of accounts, ledgers, formats, reports etc. I will get more information from my team members and will share in sometime.

So I have to manually configure the framework for Turkish system.How much time do you plan it will take for you to modify Erpnext for Singapore accounting structure?

Hi Sonat,
Considering all Sales, Purchase, Accounts formats, reports and other accounting details asked by them, approximately it will take 2 man months.

somwhow if this is interest is still up, there are several compromise or attitude changes required by the Turkish accountants if they would like to implement ErpNext as their main Accounting system.

I am more than happy to discuss the approach for such and implementation with my experience of using Erpnext in Turkey for more than 2 years.


Could we talk when you are available about to use nexterp for accounting?

+90 532 551 7043 mobil telefonum. Google Meet oturumu da açabiliriz.