Turn off auto creation of ToDo's

I love the UX of ERPNext BUT I cannot figure out how to turn off the auto creation of todo’s. I want the ability to utilize the assignment but every time I assign an issue or task a todo is created. How can I turn this feature off?

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To do is assignt it self…so its on 1 module i think… i think you just want to remove the nofication number for to do…

I want to be able to assign a Task, Lead, or Issue to a user and a Todo not be created. Currently If I create a task , then assign it a todo is automatically generated. I want this behavior to stop. If I create an task I want to assign the task and the user will work the task not a todo. Is it possible to turn off this auto generation of todo’s ?

do you mean task in a project?..if just assign in every document i think its not possible… task and to do i think its just the same…^^

In ERPNext if you assign a task, a lead or any document it automatically creates a todo. The todo is a separate item. I do not want this to happen but cannot figure out how to turn this feature off.

I do not want when I assign an document to someone for a to do to be created. How can I stop the autocreation of todos

Hello, @jason.hamer Have you found anything to solve this?
because I am facing the same issue.
I have to assign 3000+ leads to users and it auto-creating 3000+ to-do. I do not want that auto-create to-do while assigning leads.

@Meet_Patel If you want to use the standard assignment feature ToDos are a must as they’re used to track the details of the assignment.

What is the trouble with having those ToDos? Are you facing any performance issues?


Actually, Before some days this is not happing, but I don’t know why this is happing for 3-4 days. and this is a time-consuming process because the salesperson has to update the status on lead and to-do both.