Turn off auto-generated on page url

Hello All

Is there a way to turn off auto-generated on page url.

Even after the page is made is not allowing me to update it manually.

This may be fine for most languages however for Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) it would be better to set it manually.

Is there a flag I can set somewhere ?

Kind regards your awesome!

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v4.15.0
Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning for Small and Midsized Organizations

Frappe Framework: v4.9.0
Full Stack Web Application Framework in Python

Shopping Cart: v0.6.0
Online Shopping Cart integrated with ERPNext

Not sure in v4 - in v5 the page urls are editable

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Wonderful ok I will stay turned for V5 then thank you

** Workaround for Asian webpage setup V4
Write your tiles in english.
Use the website settings area for the Asian label to page urls