Turning ERPNext into saas 2018

As the title suggests, How do we turn this into saas? Meaning customer goes to website, buys, has a subdomain set up and have a clean installation or a modified instalation.
We want to use this program and do 2 things. 1. Begin to customize it for saas into a narrow industry. 2. As with everyone here we want to begin to make more improvements to where erpnext has much much more functionality and make it to where it is the go to product that is both saas and open source.

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My concern is …if you have to ask this question should you be doing this yourself?

ERPNext is already a SaaS product and you can register your clients on erpnext.com and get reseller commissions in the process.

What do you think ?



Because it will be pretty customized to fit the industry that we are in. We have been looking at various software pieces for over a year and feel this could be the best one. As since this is the original we will of course support it and contribute code. Yes, we do know that it is saas already and there is a reseller option but our customers and the product would not align. Right now this serves as a base, but we are needing much more functionality for our customers to consider buying it.

I was wondering about the business model for frappe when someone do this at a large scale .

It will be a direct competitor to their own product . How will they sustain without any product differentiaton?

Our customers cant exactly use erpnext because it will not suite them. The code is all open source now as it is. I think just asp.net will do it maybe. Then when we produce our code, we will put that into the open source pile and build on and contribute. Although, later on we will try and do a complete revamp of everything. We will add many interrogations with other services and make improvements for broader use. We will use a completely different admin control panel. Which the one that we will slowly use is the same one that you see a lot of people use and is also open source and it very good customization and looks great and very popular. I will be doing saas and also leaving everything in open source as well just like erpnext. realistically within 3 years we will be more industry focused and we will be very different. We will be more of a fork that builds off erpnext like vtiger off sugar.

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That’s ambitious.

Which brings me to my initial question.

If you have the skill sets necessary to do the above…you need not ask the initial question you asked.

But since you did someone on the forum with the requisite knowledge will answer.

Best of luck

contact me, I have the same idea, and in my country there is a big company turn erpnext into saas.

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can you email me the way
haboabdo at gmail

Did you get this done?

This thread might be old. Just making a contribution.

I think frappe bench already gives you the means to do this. you just need to tweak in some few bits and use bench to provision a new site each time you have a new client.

Next is for you to manage your infrastructure, providing redundancy, backups, better up-time and support to your clients.

We are currently running a solution like for our erpnext clients.

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If so, then erpnext should not be an open source product. You can see WP is the world’s largest open source software but wordpress.com is not dead