Turning gantt chart into booking calendar timeline

Hey, I’m looking to turn the gantt chart into a booking calendar, similar to the one in this image.

I will be be making it a vuejs app. Im quite new to frappe/javascript and would like to add a column at the beginning of the gantt chart to display a list of items, can anyone give me any info about how to approach this?

If I am successful I would be happy to share this with the community, i’ve been looking for ages for this type of calendar but can’t find anything open source that works with vuejs.



hi @Roman_3 , any news about this? , i need the same…:slight_smile:


Any update on this… I am also looking same kind of Gantt chart

Has anyone done that before? I believe Frappe Gantt is not the easiest tool to get this done

I believe there is a lot of scope for improvement in the frappe gantt