[Tutorial] Creating print formats

Your guide to creating print formats!


Good attempt. Just would like to suggest below :

  1. You should name sections as Header, Body and Footer.
  2. TBody tag should open and close in middle section.

Thank you for the valuable feedback! I will change the names accordingly for better understanding.
And I kept the opening and closing of tbody in above and below sections to reduce the number of lines of code; it can easily be moved to the middle section :slight_smile:

Will modify and add more features once I get some free time.
Thank you once again! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing. What are these empty if-statements for?

{% if pr[-1] %} {% endif %} 
{% if pr.append( pr[-1] + 1 ) %}{% endif %}

You’re welcome! :smiley:

It is to overcome a limitation of Jinja’s scope issue. Directly setting them threw error, so I had to do this as a work around for adjusting the value.

Can we achieve different header for first page, and different footer in the last page?

Yes, it is achievable. If you create a detailed issue on GitHub, I’ll add it to the readme on next update.

Dears, in this format how to reduce the table row hieght? it is too big which reducing the number of rows in the invoice per page.