Tutorial: How to Hide Frappe's In-App Advertising


There are several approaches available to resolve this issue:

  1. Include CSS in your app that hide the pr-3 css class, which is only used in the “GitHub Stars” banners and the “Install Insights” banners.
.pr-3 {
	display: none;

Unfortunately this leaves the “dismiss” button still visible, so I’d recommend the next solution instead.

  1. Include the following in any bundled js in your app. You will likely have to include this in your hooks.py as mentioned in the Version-14 migration guide
localStorage.setItem('show_insights_banner', 'false')

If you’re on the ERPNext.com platform sadly I don’t think there’s a way to solve this.


Good to know Frappe is taking a page out of Microsoft’s book and trying to include a bunch of bullcrap adware in their products.