[Tutorial] How To install Bench Manager site on VPS server

ERPNext 11, Frappe 11 or later
Applies to any platform, OS

Install Bench Manager through a VPS server.
Bench Manager is a graphical user interface to emulate the functionalities of Frappe Bench. Like the command line utility it helps you install apps, manage multiple sites, update apps and much more.

This part of solution cover multi-tenancy using DNS option.
Note : I am using my domain name as an example, https://mada.tn

1 Enable dns multi tenancy if not yet done → bench config dns_multitenant on

2 Create new site → bench new-site bench-manager.mada.tn
3 Download app → bench get-app bench_manager GitHub - frappe/bench_manager: Frappe app for managing bench

4 Install app → bench --site bench-manager.mada.tn install-app bench_manager
5 Add subdomaine to your domaine In my case looks like :

6 Open URL to access Bench Manager http://bench-manager.mada.tn
7 Follow new site configuration steps It should open desk like below

8 end

Important Info:
To check if multi-tenancy DNS or port submit below command from frappe-bench folder
Bench setup nginx , enter y to accept.
If no result shown that means dns is on, else If it shows ports of sites then Dns is off
Ameya Shenoy - Frappe Bench Manager (youtube): Ameya Shenoy - Frappe Bench Manager - YouTube
Bench Manager (wiki) : Home · frappe/bench_manager Wiki · GitHub
Bench Manager : Bench Manager
Multitenant Setup : Multitenant Setup · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub

Install Bench Manager


Very resourceful. Thank you!

Bench Manager is an interesting app for Frappe.
Can help to manage multi-tenant installation quite easily.
But in my personal opinion, can produce some pitfalls in security and I would not use it in a real production environment.
While to access through SSH can be hardened in many ways, give, for example, drop site functionality within the GUI it’s a risk in my opinion.
I can set all permissions to keep it more secure, but if I have configured password management to keep passwords easy peasy and I don’t use TFA and if I don’t work to hardening fail2ban, I can have a dagger close to my stomach…

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Getting this error when I run bench get-app bench_manager GitHub - frappe/bench_manager: Frappe app for managing bench