[Tutorial] How to use VSCode Debugger with Frappe

I plan to make this more streamlined by adding something to frappe itself, but for now, this is it. It works for me, let me know if you find success or any problems.

Valmik J


after failed trying different ways on pycharm, I simply followed this guideline, it worked for both frappe and erpnext.
I am using ubuntu 18.10 desktop version
frappe/erpnext v11

the setting in my etc/hosts is site2.local

then access via firefox localhost:8000

also if there is pdb.set_trace(), then the breakpoint will not stop but only showing in debug console !


Was getting No module named ‘werkzeug’ which got sorted after setting correct path to python file under bin.

Able to start debugger and access the site now. But breakpoint is not hit while accessing page from browser. What could be an issue. I see logs under debug console and terminal in VS code!