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Learn how to use the set_df_property function in ERPNext to dynamically modify properties of DocField (fields) in your custom applications. This powerful feature allows you to customize field behavior, such as making fields read-only, hiding them conditionally, or setting default values. Enhance your ERPNext application with this tutorial!

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frm.set_df_property(fieldname, property, value, docname, table_field, table_row_name)

fieldname - Parent Doctype Field Name
property - read_only, reqd, hidden …etc
value - 1 or 0 or characters
docname - Name of the current doctype | frm.docname
table_field - Field Inside the child table
table_row_name - name of the row | child.name

Parent Doctype

I’m creating a parent doctype with the name of School you can use custom doctype or core doctype

Child Table

Student List

Lets Explore


I hope you all get some ideas going to change the school_name field as Mandatory

frm.set_df_property('school_name', 'read_only', 1)

This a sample example for parent doctype its applicable to any fields in parent doctype

Child Table
Change the roll_no as Mandatory

frm.set_df_property('students', 'reqd', 1, frm.docname, 'roll_no', child.name)

How to add these feature in school.js


// Parent Doctype
frappe.ui.form.on('School', {
   refresh: function(frm){
   frm.set_df_property('school_name', 'read_only', 1)

// Child Table
frappe.ui.form.on('Student List', { 
   students_add: function(frm, cdt, cdn){
     var child = locals[cdt][cdn]
     frm.set_df_property('students', 'reqd', 1, frm.docname, 'roll_no', child.name)

You can change and play with this single syntax in any of your fields property

List of property

There is lot of options is there i listed some of them frequently used.

Property Value Description
read_only 1 or 0 Make the field as read only
reqd 1 or 0 Make the field as Mandatory
bold 1 or 0 Make the field as bold
hidden 1 or 0 Make the field as Hidden
options List of Values or link Doctype Can Link Any Doctype Dynamicaly if its a select field we can change the options
default Any Value Set Default value for the field

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