[Tutorial] Step By Step gmail for Outgoing Email Setup Explained - ERPNext V11

I just wanted to post this for someone who could be struggling the way I did.

  1. Go to your GMail account and Allow less secure apps.


  • Sign In and Security > Apps with account access


  • Allow less secure apps


  1. Once that is enabled, go back to Open ERP and Setup the Email Domain:

  1. Then Go Setup the Email Notification

I hope it helps.


Thanks. Many had struggled with Gmail. Am sure this will help.

Is it possible to use gmail alias while sending mail?

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I always get error message when I try to save above settings “Invalid email or password”

@LifeP, do you mean like instead of seeing the entire email address you only see the alias? If it is, I am not sure but maybe @Muzzy can help out on this.

@Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu, then you should probably confirm the email address and/or the password. If you follow these instructions in detail, it should work.

@kenince thanks lot it works :grinning:

This may help Getting "Request timed out" alert when i try to save an gmail account

edit: be aware of usage limits like login frequency to sync mail Usage limits  |  Gmail  |  Google Developers

Alternatively, one can use the app-password setting.

I couldn’t get the above to work on a standard free gmail.com account, but the app password one worked. You do need to set up 2FA.


Thanks. It worked perfectly


I am facing issue setting up the email thing. The error is “Invalid Outgoing Mail Server or Port.” smtplib.SMTPAuthenticationError: (535, b’5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at\n5.7.8 Check Gmail through other email platforms - Gmail Help b188sm190610vke.40 - gsmtp’)

How do I fix this issue?

@Sareesh enable less secure app for gmail setting

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I have followed the step as above but this getting the error when create new users

I have tried using App passwords and getting same error as well

Any ideas?


From May 30, 2022, Google has stopped “Less Secure App” option.

Follow the below link to setup Gmail integration using “App Password”.