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Whatsapp Integration Using Twilio

If you are new to WhatsApp integration some of the key points, you should keep in mind. in WhatsApp has two service

Reference Documentation

What is Cloud API?

  • Provided by Meta
  • Cost is high Compare to On-Premise API
  • Performace is really good

What is On-Premise API

  • Provided by Third Party Business service providers like Twilio and …etc.
  • Cost is low compare to Cloud API
  • Performace is ok for medium scale industry.

Type of Conversation

In WhatsApp there is two type of conversation is there

  • Business Initiated Conversation
  • User Initiated Conversation


What is Business Initiated Conversation?
You Don’t need any approval from user. you don’t need any Message Template approval you can play what ever you want. But its cost is high.

What is User Initiated Conversation?
For example you have a Approved Message Template which means you have to submit a template meta will approve the template. then you can send a message using that template. but if you want to send some customized messages only that the user reply to that message or messaged before within 24 hours, Then only you can send some customized message.

Which service is better?

Both a service is better but if you are a medium scale industry or you have employees or customers 10000-100000 I highly recommended to go with On-Premise API with Business Intiated conversation

If your customer base or the amount of message is more than a 1 lakh better you can go with Cloud API with Business Initiated conversation

My personal suggestion is you can go with the On-Premise API that’s fine you can cut down more cost for the messaging service

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