Two background colors in footer

:astonished: It’s weird, the footer of all-products page has two background colors.
Other pages are all normal.

Hi @zhu_ziqiang,

If we look at the latest versions 14 and 15, there is a footer in one color.

Thank You!

@NCP Thank you for your reply.
Have you tested the scene that you changed the default footer, such as hiding footer signup, changing powered by text, and adding other foot details.

@NCP When you set website settingsfooter detailsaddress to more than two lines, it will occur.

Hi @zhu_ziqiang,

But if you want to set the same color then apply the CSS in Website Settings

Thank You!

@NCP hi, I set <style>footer{background-color:white}</style> in website settingsHeader, Robots tab. But it doesn’t work. What’s wrong?

Please inspect it and check it and apply the CSS according to the class or something.

@NCP Thank you! I just got it. It’s because of height not color. I changed min-height from 140px to 200px and it works.

footer.web-footer{min-height: 200px;}